About us

About us

Vision and Leadership

Rooted in the distinguished and traditional Almansoori family, known for its deep legacy in strategic sectors, Royal Orbit is led by Saleh Almansoori.

Under his visionary leadership, we are expanding our footprint in global markets, including innovations at Atari Petroleum and in global energy logistics, positioning us at the forefront of the energy sector.


Shaping Global Markets

Uniting West and East

Strategic Partnerships and
Global Access

We hold strategic partnerships with global leaders in technology and science, and have direct access to world leaders and influential personalities. Our connections enhance our influence and operational capacity on an international scale.

Royal Values

Values and Tradition

Our family values, coupled with ethical and humanitarian principles rooted in Islamic customs, form the core of our ‘royal orbit’. Royal Orbit is the foundation of a resilient and dynastic empire, fostering a lasting legacy.